Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Help Out A Fellow Indie!

Alicia Freile of Gauchita is a fellow indie entrepreneur who is currently studying for her masters in design management in Australia. She's currently writing her thesis on the challenges of running an indie business and would like your help in filling out some surveys for her research.

Here's her description of her thesis:

"A part of my study here I am required to write a thesis. My thesis is on the difficulties that indie business owners encounter when they find success quickly and their business grows faster than they can handle, causing much stress and strain on other areas of their lives...A big part of this thesis will have to do with how the indies get their work produced; if they continue to make it all by hand, if they outsource to other crafters, do they get it manufactured, or do they alter the way it is made to make their business lives easier...My aim for this paper (since it is an academic one) is to either have it published or present it at next year's CraftCongress in Pittsburgh (if I'm in the US then...) so I'd really like to try and help others with this, which I think is a fundamental part of the indie business community."

Help her out! Seems like she's out there trying to do some good for the indie community. If you're interested in filling out the survey, please contact her at gauchita_handbags@yahoo.com

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