Friday, April 6, 2007

Moondrop Clothiers, LLC

Sarah Paquette established Moondrop Clothiers in 2003 to help fulfill the need for responsible commerce in today’s world. Her mission is to to encourage people to feel and look beautiful, be comfortable, and remain stylish using eco-friendly, ethically-produced, high quality, fairly-traded goods.

Where Fashion and Passion for the Environment Co-Exist
“Moondrop Clothiers LLC is an earth-friendly as well as socially-conscious business that truly cares for the consumer AND the [creator of the] products. We offer the latest fashions, home decorating trends, and practical household items at very affordable prices, provide superior customer service, while also creating an awareness of the impact our shopping choices can have on the environment and the less fortunate people of the world.”

“Our store offers Recycled, Gently-Worn, Handmade, & Brand-New Clothing, Artisan Jewelry, Accessories, Books, Home Decor, Soy Candles & Incense, Handcrafted Vegan Skin Care, Sustainable Market Bags, Hemp Products, & Fair Trade Imports where each purchase supports low income artisans & their families.”

For the Eco-Conscious
“Our website’s demographic is mainly women, although there have been quite a few eco-conscious men who have purchased items as well. Our sustainable market bags and hemp products suit just about everyone’s fancy.”

Commitment to Being Green
“We purchase 100% post-consumer recycled paper and other eco-conscious products for our office supply, minimize waste by re-using shipping cartons and other packing materials as much as possible, host our websites with a socially responsible green web hosting company who offsets 100% of their energy consumption with certified wind power, and our one-and-only full-time employee (the owner!) helps to save one of our fragile planet’s refined natural resources (gasoline!) by working directly out from home. In addition, Moondrop Clothiers LLC continues to find more ways to reduce its environmental impact in all aspects of its business.”

Persevere and Persist to Overcome
“As the website was being developed, I knew absolutely NOTHING about web design or even how to run an e-commerce business. It became financially daunting to make mistakes that always needed to be corrected, so I spent hours and hours doing research, networking with other small business owners, getting advice from family and friends. I also went to a few small business workshops at our local community college. To date, I am still in the process of learning new things.”

Niche Marketing
“Our store networks through reciprocal link exchanges with other independent and like-minded businesses. We also advertise in local newspapers and newsletters, post business cards on bulletin boards whenever possible, and keep biz cards on hand at all times (you never know when you’ll need one!). We also have a spot on myspace that generates a lot of traffic.

“Our shop has also been inducted into Co-op America's Business Network (CABN), the original socially-responsible business network, stamped with their Seal of Approval, and given a spot in their National Green Pages ™.”

Making a Difference
“In order to do my part as a concerned citizen for the well-being of our planet, I established Moondrop Clothiers with just about a dollar in my pocket, an overstuffed closet, and the firm belief that one person CAN make a difference.”

“My shop is based on two simple concepts - to help fulfill the need for socially-conscious, responsible commerce in today’s world and to educate consumers on the importance of purchasing ethically-produced fairly-traded goods. Moondrop Clothiers LLC is a unique place on the web with larger-than-life intentions to save the earth. It is a reflection of me, my ideals, and my life's work. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, "We must BE the change we wish to see in the world."”

Business Resources For the Green Business Entrepreneur
“For anyone wishing to establish or expand their eco-friendly or “green” business, refer to Co-op America for advice, resources, and direction. They are a wonderful group of individuals who operate their businesses in ways that solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems. These businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment. “

Inspired by…
“Knowing that one person CAN make a difference... Seeing the love and care that goes into hand-crafted goods… The community that seems to gather around earth-conscious living and fair trade commerce… The satisfaction of knowing that by supporting fair trade, I am helping people succeed in life and doing it consciously.”

Words of Advice
“Patience, patience, patience....It takes time and persistence to grow a successful business. Keep a firm eye on your long term goals, and remember that bumps in the road and set backs are to be expected. There is nothing more satisfying than circumventing the obstacles in your way and reaching your goals-the more difficult the path, the more satisfying the rewards. Peace.”

Sarah Paquette
Moondrop Clothiers
Sister Site: The Conscious Child

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