Friday, August 10, 2007


Stephanie Koerner is the designer and owner of Truche, a line of colorful jewelry known for its modern designs with a vintage twist. Stephanie has been making jewelry and art for as long as she can remember, but started Truche a little over a year ago. When not dabbling in beads and jewelry, Stephanie doubles as a graphic and website designer under TruDesign.

Typical Customer
“My customers are normally women – all ages and sometimes men buying for their wife, girlfriend or family member.”

Juggling Work
“I work on Truche part time. I recently quit my full time job as a marketing director to go full time with my other business Trudesign – graphic & web design. I love both of my jobs, they are both my passion.”

Encountering Challenges
“It was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to sell. I spent a lot of time researching other people’s websites and blog and it was extremely motivating for me to get a jump start on creating jewelry and art. There are so many other indie artists that are willing to give you information and advice. It helped immensely.”

Selling Products
“I sell most of my products on my website . I also do consignment online and in stores in Michigan and Illinois. In the summer and fall I participate in local craft fairs such as The Renegade in Chicago.”

“I also consign through online stores like Modishoppe and Shop Calico,. So far I haven’t had any challenges, the transactions have been great. I have to keep up with what inventory I have where, but overall it’s been a great experience. There are some amazing store owners out there.”

Doing Craft Fairs
“I have done The Renegade craft fair in September and in December in Chicago. I loved this experience, I look forward to it all year and hope to do more craft shows this coming year. I also have a friend who owns a gallery space. I have had a few events at the space – it was a great experience. Both the fairs and the gallery events help me get my name out there. People are always more likely to buy when they can see my jewelry & art in person.”

Pricing Items
“I look at how much my supplies cost, how much time was spent on the item and try and price my jewelry competitively in the market. It’s hard at times because there are so many jewelry designers out there that price there pieces so low. I try and create one of a kind pieces that are unique so that I can price my items higher.”

Motivated by…
“So many things: nature, rain, other artists, my mother, Etsy, colors”

Recommended Business Resources
“I use The Switchboards and Get Crafty a lot. I get a lot of information from fellow bloggers as well.”

Inspired by…
Nature, old buildings and architecture, blogs, art, thunderstorms. I could go on and on…

Words of Advice- Motivation, Inspiration, and Fun Comes Together
“Try and stay motivated and inspired. Spend some time reading other people’s blogs that have their own businesses. Check out The Switchboards. Have others critique your website before it goes live. Get a good web and graphic designer, this is the 1st thing people see and it should represent you and your brand. And have fun!”


Stephanie Koerner
Chicago, IL

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