Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Do Nothing

As entrepreneurs, we live in a world of constant motion. Things always seem to need our attention. We are often a one-person show, making, designing, networking, writing, shipping, and doing any and every other task essential to running a successful business.

This weekend, I read an old magazine article on “The Art of Doing Nothing,” which talks about the importance of undertaking periods of silence and contemplation to stimulate efficiency and creativity in our lives. For entrepreneurs in the creative and design field, this is an important concept, as our businesses are based on designing and creating products or services. In order to start or maintain a successful business, we are constantly on our toes, innovating new products to please our customers.

When the mind is too busy, the mind becomes too full. Think of a cup filled to the brim, with no room to absorb new information, new knowledge, or new ideas. Ideas then become stale and may even lead to creative blockage. Once in a while, it is necessary to flush out the old stuff to find space for new things. Empty out our cup by pouring out the contents.

Detoxifying the mind, however, is not as easy as it seems. For me, the state of doing nothing can feel uneasy, even scary at times. However, practicing the art of doing nothing allows us to open our minds and declutter, allowing us to pay attention to things that matter. It also allows us to find things to inspire and reach new creative heights.


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