Thursday, January 4, 2007

Grammar is your friend

So you’re typing away and writing your press release/website contact/business plan and you’re stuck. Where do I put the apostrophe? Is it affect or effect? Do I use your or you’re?

But who cares, you say, I have my glossy pictures and my eye-catching graphics. I will wow my customers with my logo, my format, and my profound knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. But that’s not enough. To present an image that projects professionalism, it is necessary to look at how your words are presented on paper.

Here’s Grammar Girl to the rescue! I listened to her podcasts and I was hooked. They’re short, witty, easily digestible, and most importantly, fun. A much better way than going through your tattered elementary school grammar books (if you can still find them!) or pouring over thick boring textbooks. Now who says grammar can’t be fun?

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